World Finance

Case Study

Generating Overwhelming Demand with Out-of-Home Media for a Financial Sector Client

World Finance, a financial services company offering quick personal loans and easy tax preparation services, needed to reach customers in 15 markets across 8 states. So they turned to One Four for help.

Because of the campaign, the client saw foot traffic increase on average more than 560%.

The Challenge

World Finance needed to saturate the market to reach their customers but in highly targeted areas within a few miles of their storefront locations. The problem? The size of the markets they needed to reach varied widely, and a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn’t work.



Our team uses sophisticated attribution targeting to identify the best inventory for reaching their desired audience in markets across the country, from Montgomery to Chicago and beyond. We combed through the data to identify the best bang for their buck and maximize their reach.

The result? We knocked their KPIs out of the park and generated even more demand for their services than they had anticipated. Here’s how we did it.

Finding the Value in Out-of-Home Media Buys

With the number of billboards they needed for this campaign, One Four focused on digital billboards to reduce the production costs for the client. But that posed problems in smaller markets where digital billboard inventory is more limited.


The solution? One team of experts examined billboard inventory in every market for the campaign to identify where the best large format, out-of-home opportunities existed—and where their money could be better spent elsewhere.

In Atlanta, where the client had 25 locations, we successfully took a total market awareness approach to ensure that we reached all audience segments. But in smaller markets, like Savannah or Lexington, where the client had fewer branches, we geotargeted audiences within a few-mile radius of their branches to maximize exposure in their core audience. The client saw huge spikes in demand for the services as a result.

The Results

The campaign experienced enormous success. One Four saturated the market surrounding their branches in all markets, and the client reported seeing massive increases in demand for their services.

And the best part is that One Four was able to generate these results for them at an incredibly low CPM. In fact, in markets like St. Louis and Dallas, their CPM was under $5.

  • i-billboard

    107 Digital Billboards

    Running daily

  • i-reach

    18 Million Impressions

    Across all markets

  • i-cpm

    $1.56 CPM

    Generated in the Dallas market alone

Elizabeth SpeakerDir. of Growth Marketing, World Finance

“With a knowledge of both billboards and the different cities we were expanding to across the US, it was an easy decision to bring them on as an advertising vendor. Working with a great media buyer who knows how to navigate the advertising landscape will save you money."