Special Touch Home Care

Case Study

Helping a Home Health Organization Recruit New Caregivers—Fast

Special Touch Home Care came to One Four Media with a problem—they needed to recruit home health aid providers across New York’s five boroughs. And to reach their target audience, they were going to have to reach them in English. And Spanish. And Russian. And also Creole.

The Challenge

Special Touch Home Care received a grant from the state of New York to recruit individuals in minority populations for employment in their home health agency. They pinpointed the top minority communities they wanted to target—Hispanic, Russian and Haitian. And they needed to reach them within 5 months, the length of time the grant covered.



They turned to One Four Media for help. Not only would they need to effectively reach those communities through a highly targeted and sophisticated media buying campaign, they also would need to produce a TV spot in four languages—English, Spanish, Russian and Creole.

Our team of creative experts helped them produce high-quality TV spots in the four languages they needed to reach their specific audience segments.

Cutting Through the Static

Clients know that with millions of viewers tuning in, TV offers the unique opportunity to cut through the static and get their audience’s undivided attention. But the TV buying landscape has never been more complex.

Gone are the days of calling up a station and buying a package of TV spots. Now, the options for TV buying are endless. Linear versus addressable. OTT versus traditional. Broadcast. Cable. Streaming.


Impression-Based TV Campaigns That Deliver High-Impact Result

One Four Media hyper-segmented the target audiences and served them an addressable, impression-based campaign that allowed Special Touch to bundle all of the TV provider options in their market and reach their target households. And they could do it all for less than they would have spent buying the spots directly from providers.

  • i-cable

    4.4 Million Impressions

    Across Cable TV

  • i-reach

    83% Reach

    Across target audience segments

  • i-stream

    3.9 Million Impressions

    Across streaming devices (Roku, Smart TVs, Apple TV, Xbox, Fire TV, CTV, Sumo TV, and Playstation)

  • i-searchYT

    6.7 Million Impressions

    Across paid search and YouTube

  • i-progmatic

    8.1 Million Impressions

    With programmatic pre-roll

  • i-social

    5.5 Million Impressions

    Across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok


Heat Mapping to Reach Audiences Where They Live, Work and Play

One Four Media also used heat mapping of the New York boroughs to determine the highest concentration of our different audience segments for the outdoor campaign placement. Out-of-home supported the TV spots to more fully saturate the market in areas with high concentrations of our target audience.

The Results

98% of people watched the client’s ad from start to finish.

The client had an even greater response than they could have ever anticipated. And their 5-month timeline? We blew it out of the water. They sold out their training sessions in less than a month. In fact, the campaign was so successful that the client had to add more locations and create a waitlist to keep up with demand.

15x Number of times our target audience saw the ad on average throughout the 5-month campaign.

The best part? The campaign didn’t cost them a penny more than they were already spending on TV advertising. By using our sophisticated attribution targeting to identify the best inventory to reach their desired audience, we maximized their reach and impact. And got literally millions more impressions as a result.

121 million total impressions for the campaign.

The client continued to sell out all of their training sessions month over month. In fact, they had to more than double the number of sessions they offered after the campaign launched. And they saw an exponential increase in caregivers among targeted minority groups. They were delighted with the results.